Welcome Letter from the President of the Congress

Dear Friend:

This letter is not a formal invitation. If you read it to the end you will understand!

We do not want to invite you by telling you that this will be “The Best PANLAR Congress of history”, or that “Buenos Aires is the best city in the world”.

It is our interest to invite you to be a player in this process of change, a challenge that has been taking place for several years and that involves being a cornerstone and a platform, creativity and innovation, belonging and commitment, in other words “Our thing”. We know that we compete with others that are very strong, but we know we can! And we dream to convince you to be more and better.

We do not want that the PANLAR 2018 Congress to be only that, “Another Congress”, we want it to be the place where we can show the transformation process that we generate day by day. We want it to be your place for science and education for our large country.

We summon you to walk together, because “WE ARE ALL PANLAR” is not an empty slogan, but a sense of heritage, a commitment to the future, a link between roots and branches.

Come to the PANLAR 2018 Congress to take part in a high-rank scientific event, to present your studies, share your ideas and projects and create the networks that allow us to be united and continue to grow.

We are waiting for you at PANLAR Congress 2018, in Buenos Aires, so that you see that what we say are not only words, and to involve you, as far as you can, to generate sustainable changes.

It is a dream of greatness that we want to convey to you. Join the challenge, because “TOGETHER WE CAN”

Kind regards,

Bernardo A. Pons-Estel
President of PANLAR Congress 2018


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