Welcome Letter from the SAR President

Dear Friends:

I have the pleasure to add to the words of invitation of our president of the 20th PANLAR Congress 2018.

PANLAR at its strategic approach meeting in 2017 has set as objectives to be the main supplier of education in Rheumatology and to draw up guidelines and recommendations in Latin America. This 20th Pan-American Congress is an essential step in this path.

During these 75 years PANLAR has found its purpose, its methods and its place in worldwide Rheumatology. It is our duty to strengthen and to further these achievements.

With your participation this PANLAR Congress will be a major scientific and social event. Gathering, talking and creating ties is one of the most important factors for which face-to-face Congresses, I believe, cannot be replaced by virtual events. The aim of PANLAR is to promote these moments of gathering.

The Argentine Society for Rheumatology (ASR) is proud and very happy to be the host of this very important event. The ASR and the 21 Societies and/or Associations member of PANLAR are strong, unique links of the organisation. The ASR considers supporting PANLAR as one of its strengths and a main commitment to improve Rheumatology and therefore the quality of life of rheumatic patients in the region.

Under the slogan: “For a PANLAR that, settled in the present, jumps into the future”, the 20th PANLAR Congress places innovation, participation and membership as its main cornerstones.

We wish and we are sure to achieve, with your help, that each of you find in PANLAR and in its Congress a place, your place, for scientific and human growth.

We are waiting for you, so that we can all continue to build this renewed PANLAR!

Enrique R. Soriano
President of the Argentine Society for Rheumatology
President-Elect of PANLAR


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