Welcome Letter from the Panlar President

carlos-vinicio3Dear members of the industry,

The Pan-American Congresses are the most important gathering of Pan-American Rheumatology that in this will celebrate their 20th edition in Buenos Aires Argentina in April 2018. This gathering is expected to be very special for several reasons. We will return to Argentina after 21 years since the last Congress was held in this region at a very special moment for PANLAR, which is close to becoming 75 years old.

One of its children, founder of the Argentine Society for Rheumatology (ASR), Dr Aníbal Ruiz Moreno, submitted to the International League (ILAR) authorities the formal idea of a Regional League including the countries of the American continent.

“Rheumatologists form a fraternity, we are brothers joined by science and heart” Ruiz Moreno assured. After two years of discussions and study, the League was approved and in 1944 PANLAR was born, the first and oldest of the Regional Leagues of ILAR that was followed subsequently by EULAR in 1947, APLAR in 1963 and AFLAR in 1990.

Today we see that the spirit of the League remains close to the view of the founders, but with a renewed focus and a greater identification with this dream. It is still important to join the Americas to do something in Rheumatology.

PANLAR events take place with their own style and personality and, most importantly, they are becoming the place par excellence where all members of the continent can report their experiences and join collaborations to thus set standards through recommendations, guides and studies, in particular collaborative, for the geographical region that we serve.

We have strengthened innovation as the spinal cord of our activities and events to be full of fresh, original thoughts about how to approach problems and the advances in Rheumatology in the Region.

With its own identity, group participation and innovation, we advance in building a PANLAR which is strengthened with the commitment of all those that are part of this community: Researchers, study groups, healthcare rheumatologists and all those interested in the speciality and of course the main reason for our activity as physicians: the patients, as we will have jointly and for the first time a Pan-American congress of patients.

With the experience and tradition of PANLAR, while still young and full of ideas and formats to make them reality, we are once again waiting for you in the land where everything once began. WE ARE ALL PANLAR!

We are waiting for you!

Carlo Vinicio Caballero
PANLAR President


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